tantus flex 6

Review of Tantus Flex

Tantus recently sent Logan and I a happy box filled to the brim with wonderful products for us to review.  We are fortunate to have an affiliate relationship with Tantus.  We appreciate and thank them.  If you are unfamiliar with Tantus’ products and their 100% ultra-premium silicone, please visit this page.  No one else can better explain…

motorcycle - blurred

Scavenger Hunt – Motorcycle

I believe I have shared previously how much Logan and I love the feeling of freedom we get from riding his motorcycle.  The motorcycle can also be used as a great tool in going to planned scavenger hunt locations or spotting a new spontaneous photo opportunity. Currently, Dee does not have motorcycle as one of…


I Love Me Some Peaches! (Sinful Sunday #222)

  Renee learned shortly after we met that I was a huge fan of fruit pies. I could eat one for breakfast, lunch and dinner! One of my favorite fruit desserts is peach pie (or peach cobbler). Mmmm. I’m not sure which peaches I was drooling over more in these pics.     See who…


Review: Tantus C-Sling

I’ve had the Tantus C-Sling for a year now and it’s been on the review to-do list ever since. As a fan of cock rings I thought this product would be an interesting twist (no pun intended) to the usual design. The Tantus Beginner C-Sling is one of many cock rings in a family of products from Tantus. And like…


Review: Tantus Intermediate C-Ring

I’m a fan of cock rings and I enjoy using them and writing about them. The Tantus Intermediate C-Ring is one of many cock rings in a family of products from Tantus. Like all Tantus silicone-based products, it is a premium quality silicone that has a nice smooth silky feel. (Full disclosure: while I have purchased nearly…

blurred tunnel

Scavenger Hunt – Tunnel

I am so glad that spring is upon us and we can participate in more scavenger hunt fun!  Logan and I went out for a nice Sunday lunch date and while walking on the grounds we stumbled upon a tunnel under the road.


Before things got naughty (Sinful Sunday #216)

Renee and I have been enjoying a subscription to The Fantasy Box as something extra fun to do. It’s a once a month box of naughty goodies with instruction cards. The challenge has been finding evenings that we can be alone to go a little crazy. A recent fantasy box involved modeling several negligees. It…


Some Lovely Mountains (Sinful Sunday #215)

Logan couldn’t help himself and had to take a picture of these beautiful mountains. The hills in the background are really nice too.  It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to participate in Sinful Sunday and Scavenger Hunt. We’re happy for warm weather here and hope to get some more outdoor shots.