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Rope thong (Sinful Sunday #174)


When it comes to playing with rope and bondage, Renee and I are still very much beginners but it has been fun to play. One evening, I had fun imagining the rope as a thong replacement. I certainly enjoyed the view.     It’s funny how every picture taking session always seems to end with […]

No . . . . You May Not . . . .


No . . . . You May Not . . . . Hear the morning song birds. No . . . . You May Not . . . . Feel warm sunshine on your skin. No . . . . You May Not . . . . Have the wind lap and dance around your […]

1F (A poem about a women’s open air pod)

Inmates rest at  a workshop at a state maximum security jail in Padova

We occupy 48 beds, two rows of 12 times two. The prisoners are constantly changing, coming and going, coming back. Our punishments don’t equal the crime, our futures are uncertain. We are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and aunts thrown together. It was not our choice, we were classified alike. We all have different personalities, we […]

Our world turned upside down – Part 2


Waiting is so painful. It’s the not knowing. The uncertainty. I’ve recently spent a lot of time in a video-only visiting room at the regional jail (pictured here). As I mentioned in an earlier post, Renee’s hearing date was originally set for July 9, but it was moved to August 6. We’re trying to get […]

Our world turned upside down – Jail

I don’t know where to start. I don’t even know if I should start. On Tuesday, June 24, my sweetheart Renee was home for a rare day off from work. She’s been working two different jobs and she had just finished a long stretch of work days which included many weekends. Suddenly, around 9:00 a.m., there […]

Review of Lelo Luna Beads

open lelo box

There comes a time in a woman’s life when she feels it is necessary to focus more on doing her kegel exercises.  Not only for her own stimulation, feeling and sexual satisfaction but also for her husband or lover.  I desired to own the Lelo Luna Beads to help me work out and strengthen my […]

Review of the We-Vibe 4 Couples Vibrator


  Review of the We-Vibe 4 Couples Vibrator We want to thank the wonderful folks at Burlesque Toyshop for providing us with a We-Vibe 4 for an honest review. If you haven’t visited their website yet, it’s a lovely change of pace from the usual and they focus on safe quality items. Please do check ‘em out.There is much […]

Review of IOU: The Game Of Hidden Pleasures


IOU: The Game of Hidden Pleasures While visiting the cute website at Burlesque ToyShop recently, I bought a few fun items, one of which was this little sex game that features a box of sealed cards. The game is to give an erotic surprise to your lover.This is similar to a sexy coupon book, except […]

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