Contentment (Sinful Sunday #234)

This photo of Logan and me is true to our life and depicts our normal daily behavior.  We are very comfortable, content and in love with each other.   See who else is being naughty…


One Night in Vegas, Part III (Sinful Sunday #233)

This is a continuation of a series (see Part 1 and Part 2) of our trip in Las Vegas. I had a surprise for Renee for our trip: I had secretly brought along some wrist and ankle restraints and I made good use of them in the Jacuzzi tub of our room. These were my…


One Night in Vegas, Part II (Sinful Sunday #232)

Last week, I shared Part I of some pics while in Las Vegas for several days. I’m glad to share more from our time with the camera. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite! Click any to see larger versions. Have a favorite?   See who else is being naughty…


One Night in Vegas (Sinful Sunday #231)

Renee and I recently had the opportunity to be in Las Vegas for several days. We hoped before leaving that we’d get the chance for some photos, and I’m glad we did. We’ll share many over the coming weeks. These were several of my favorites. I put a black & white version beside each. Click…

soda machine

Scavenger Hunt – Vending Machine

The vending machine, # 21 of my scavenger hunt photos.  Even though this scavenger hunt photo was taken next to the ice machine, I am sure it still counts.  The time involved having my breasts exposed was that much longer in a public hallway.  I was a little bit nervous of being seen when we…

ice machine

Scavenger Hunt – Ice Machine

The ice machine, # 20 of my scavenger hunt photos.  This past spring and summer I have had the privilege of traveling more with Logan, which includes staying at different hotels.  With each trip I tell Logan I want to take a scavenger hunt photo with the ice machine.  Finally, a photo happen.


36 Questions – Our Answers – Set I

In follow up to our previous post, Renee and I answered the first set of questions in this way. Set I 1. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest? Her: John Tesh, he has an endless array of knowledgeable tidbits, life hacks and information.  I have…

tantus flex 6

Review of Tantus Flex

Tantus recently sent Logan and I a happy box filled to the brim with wonderful products for us to review.  We are fortunate to have an affiliate relationship with Tantus.  We appreciate and thank them.  If you are unfamiliar with Tantus’ products and their 100% ultra-premium silicone, please visit this page.  No one else can better explain…

motorcycle - blurred

Scavenger Hunt – Motorcycle

I believe I have shared previously how much Logan and I love the feeling of freedom we get from riding his motorcycle.  The motorcycle can also be used as a great tool in going to planned scavenger hunt locations or spotting a new spontaneous photo opportunity. Currently, Dee does not have motorcycle as one of…


I Love Me Some Peaches! (Sinful Sunday #222)

  Renee learned shortly after we met that I was a huge fan of fruit pies. I could eat one for breakfast, lunch and dinner! One of my favorite fruit desserts is peach pie (or peach cobbler). Mmmm. I’m not sure which peaches I was drooling over more in these pics.     See who…