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Award Winning Cup (Sinful Sunday #181)


Renee and I have been wanting to get a scavenger hunt pic at a vineyard for awhile now. We finally pulled one off, and I love that one of the signs said “cup winner”. While the vineyard celebrates their governor’s cup winner award, I’ll enjoy Renee’s D cups.         To see a […]

Red on Red (Sinful Sunday #180)


I think that red is one of the most erotic colors. I’m not sure why that is? Is it perhaps an association or correlation that our society has made over time, and it’s just now merely that trained association in our brains? Or is there something more primal, or internal about the color of red?   […]

Scavenger Hunt – Cemetery/Graveyard


While enjoying a motorcycle ride and some nice couple time yesterday we rode by a cemetery.  I asked Logan if we could take a scavenger hunt photo in the there and he obliged with my request.  Some people may take offense to this photo and say it has 50 shades of wrong, but being secular it […]

Scavenger Hunt – Public Toilet


We took these photos one in the ladies public restroom and one in the men’s. It was somewhat risque for the both of us, because my partner-in-crime (Logan) is in the ladies restroom with me and then I am one-half nude in the men’s restroom.

Scavenger Hunt – Fitness Room


We had a quick opportunity to take a few more Scavenger Hunt photos yesterday.  Taking the photos are so liberating and additive.  The more photos we take, the more I want to do!  This photo was taken in the fitness center where we live.

Taped and Spanked (Sinful Sunday #179)


We recently had the opportunity to rent a club house for a birthday party. After our guests left and we got everything cleaned up, we went back later for some fun with camera and props. We hope to share several pics over the coming weeks. We have also been meaning to try out the bondage […]

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