Cosmo’s 365 Naughty Nights – Sex Game Cards

cosmo naughty nights What She Says . . .  Recently we purchased Cosmo’s 365 Naughty Nights: A Year of Hot Sex. After going through the deck, we sorted and picked out several of the duplicate cards, cards which were impossible for us to perform, and/or challenges that were not interesting to one or both of us. The sex game cards are printed on both sides, with either a pleasing act for him, for her or for both. All and all it has been a fun and enjoyable adventure picking out a card of different suggested positions and challenges. Our box of cards to use is within arm’s reach and easily available for us to incorporate into our evenings together.

Overall Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Fun Factor: ♥♥♥♥
Price/Value: ♥♥♥♥
Quality: ♥♥♥

What He Says . . .  The pack includes a variety of sexual positions (including some that look a little too acrobatic), many naughty stories (that you are asked to use your imagination and finish), several naughty games, and lots and lots of great fun activities. Even after we reviewed the pack and removed a bunch, we still had a ton of really great ideas and activities to enjoy. Players take turns pulling tickets, which roll out of the box to reveal a naughty task. 

Here are a few good ones I like:

“Both of you think of a body part. On the count of 3, say it. You have to make those parts touch. Play for 10 rounds.” or  (FOR HER) “Try to get him hard without touching him. Just touch yourself.”

Definitely recommended!

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