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Shopping for adult novelties and sex toys can be an overwhelming experience. Not only are there a ton of websites to order from, you could also choose to venture into a neighborhood adult store to buy a new vibrator or toy. If you have tried that route as we have, you likely found that it’s an over-priced adventure with the added benefit of having some creepy guy ogle you while you perused the items on the shelf. Yuck. Being able to buy adult products in the privacy of your home is far better!

But it’s hard to know if any of the reviews on sex toy websites are real or fake. Did a manufacturer hire someone to write those reviews? Did the person who wrote the review even ever use the product? What did their partner think about it?

Hi, we’re Renee and Logan. We’re real people. We have kids, day jobs and all of the usual stresses that go with life here in the USA. We’re not young whipper snappers but we’re not senior citizens either. We enjoy sex and pleasing each other. We have purchased a lot of adult products and sex toys over the years and we’ve found some real winners and losers. We’d love to share our real life experiences and help you make better informed purchases. On our posts, you’ll find comments from both of us (him and her).

We also look for quality products that are made with safe materials. Tantus is a great example of a company that makes quality toys that are safe. We continue to routinely purchase products from a variety of resellers to test their website; the ordering process; the discreteness of packaging, and any other customer service factors that are important.

We love getting your questions too, so feel free to send ’em our way.

Technical Note!! Our site uses a “responsive design” which is mobile and tablet friendly, and our hyperlinks open in New Windows so you don’t lose your place when reading. Also, we use a somewhat larger font on our site so it’s easier to read for those of us with older eyes or higher resolution screens.

2 thoughts on “You have a friend here for sex toys

  1. Hey Logan,

    I found your site by typing a question I to Google, do cockrings work if you have one testicle? I was born with an descended testicle. When I was a kid the doctor and my parents decided to do an exploration surgery to see if it was still around and if not put in a silicon implant.

    Lets just say I have the I a fake nut. In your knowledge, do you know which products I could try? I have a leather ring with snaps on it. It is ineffective as the real nut moves around for position but the fake one does not. Its like there is no support to hold the ring.

    It could also simply be user error or the wrong type of ring to use. I have not heard of a shaft ring and will look into those. Any adivce would be appreciated.



    • Hey Rob, I empathize with your predicament. With your leather ring, I’m wondering how wide the leather is? I would imagine it’s about 1/2 inch wide?
      If the fake nut doesn’t move around very much, I would worry whether any cock ring is going to work for you. Normally with a cock ring, both nuts will be pulled through the ring and they tend to get pushed forward and remain there, but if one nut doesn’t have the movement or flexibility that is typical, hmm, that will be a problem. So I’d definitely try a soft silicone shaft ring from Tantus. But if it were me, I’d still be tempted to try a Tantus silicone cock ring too. They are different enough from a leather ring that it just might work for you. The hard question is whether to go with the larger ring (that they like to call the beginner one), or the slightly smaller ring.

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