This is a disclosure regarding any and all facts about the workings of this blog.

Great Love Toys is a personal blog written and edited by two authors, known as Renee and Logan on this site. We are sometimes sent products (sex toys, adult products) in exchange for our honest and unbiased review. We always present our true opinions in the reviews and posts. We do not allow pre-screening of posts, and we will not be persuaded by companies into presenting anything other than our true opinions.

We are never compensated monetarily for our posts or reviews. We will endeavor to adequately disclose where we got a product which can also usually be derived from which site we link to throughout the review. Sometimes we review products that we bought ourselves, and we may choose to link to a store (or stores) that we like.

We are an affiliate for many sex toy companies, and we receive a percentage of commissions from purchases made through our affiliate links.

This blog is about entertaining and educating. However, we do accept forms of paid advertising, such as banner images, which are placed in the sidebar. Our advertising relationships do not influence anything we write on this blog.

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