One Time Can Hurt

I was sad, lonely and feeling sorry for myself. One time couldn’t hurt, right?
I closed my eyes and took in your sweet essence.
You took me to unknown heights I would never reach again.
I felt alive for the first time in my life.
You made my head clear, my heart race, my vagina wet and ache at the same time.
What was I thinking? I did not know you. I should of never invited you in.
I thought I could control you, but you controlled me.
I wanted to get to know you more.
Not many people wanted us together, we would hide during our rendezvous.
First, we would spend one day a week together.
This turned into a weekend, then Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Before I knew it we sere spending every day together.
I did things for you I never did for another.
I had no idea how you would harm me and devastate my life.
You imprisoned me. You drained me mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.
You bastard! You tore my family apart. But, we rose up against you stronger then ever.
I left you far behind six years ago, but your presence still lingers and your scars will always remain.

(This story represents of my first time and struggle with drug addiction.)


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8 thoughts on “One Time Can Hurt

  1. hello,
    a comment to tell you your story is moving, I am sending you good vibes to go on like this forever.
    it was well written too, I love the progression in the text to the final sentence.

    • Thank you so much for your kindness I appreciate it. I hope others may learn from my mistake and not from a first hand experience.

  2. Such an intense post. I have heard that using drugs once can be the point at which you get addicted. Thankfully I have never been tempted to use any. Thanks for sharing such intense feelings and thoughts here.

    Rebel xox

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