Posh Silicone “O” Probe

Thank you to the the folks from Nite Time Toys in giving me the opportunity to review a Posh Silicone “O” Probe from California Exotic Novelties. There are three colors to choose from: teal, blue and fuchsia. Mine is fuchsia in color.

Posh O

The features listed on the box include:

  • Luxurious body safe silicone
  • 3 Speed removable push button simulator (powered by one AAA battery, not included)
  • Easy pull handle
  • Incredibly powerful
  • Pure Silicone

From my own measurements I come to the conclusion that it has approximately 4 1/4″ of insertable length, and 4 3/4″ around at widest area, and 3″ at its narrowest area. The tip is somewhat flat and curves downward.

The insertable plastic stimulator is approximately 3 1/2″ long. insert

Before I share more about the Posh probe, it would be helpful to talk about the four different types of anal toys. Each of them have a different function or use.

  1. Butt plugs, which are meant to be inserted and left inside the anal canal. For safety reasons MAKE SURE the base is flared. We don’t need any unnecessary trips to the emergency room, do we? As of February 9, 2014, the East Bay Express has a post on its website which states, “. . we will just have to conclude that flared-base advice isn’t given to patients by doctors — ER or otherwise — because doctors secretly enjoy digging various foreign objects out of the variable rectums of various gentlemen” (or ladies).
  2. Anal beads, which are a series of connected spheres or balls that sometimes gradually change to different sizes.
  3. Prostate toys, which are made for men’s use to stimulate their prostate glad.
  4. Anal Dildos, which are smooth, seamless and have a flared base and are used for penetrating and stroking.

posh toy
This toy would be categorized as a butt plug. The featured “easy pull handle” is soft and collapsible. I find this unsafe for an anal play toy. For safety reasons (as stated above) there needs to be a flared base on a butt plug for safe anal play. This is important so that the toy doesn’t get sucked up” into the rectum. A person only has control over the first two inches of the sphincter (the anal sphincter, that is). Sorry, I had to throw in a family joke there as I didn’t realize people had another sphincters in the esophagus).

Overall, I was not impressed with this butt plug at all. I am somewhat new to anal play toys and I found it very difficult to insert the plug myself. The task was completed after a lot of struggling and lube on my end (no pun intended).  I was very disappointed because the self proclaimed “incredible powerful” vibrator stopped vibrating after the Posh Silicone O Probe was inside of me.

On a positive note, the feel of the silicone is smooth to the touch, which is a nice. However, I am unaware of the percentage or quality of the silicone used for this toy. The reason why I question the percentage of silicone is because the toy held onto an aroma after I used and washed it thoroughly with an antibacterial soap. I tweeted about this concern of mine to other sex bloggers. The general consensus from my fellow bloggers is that other persons have had the issue of their anal toys holding onto an odor when “it is a questionable silicone toy from California Exotic Novelties, PipeDream or from Doc Johnson”.

Personally, I was disappointed with my experience with the Posh Silicone O Probe. However,  Nite Time Toys has been a great online store in our experience and we can certainly recommend them.

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  1. Sorry the toy was a let down but I appreciate an honest review including your positive experience with the provider. As for flared bases on Butt Plugs. My Primary partner is a nurse and they love looking at x rays of lost sex toys in the ER so you’re right on the mark.

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