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There comes a time in a woman’s life when she feels it is necessary to focus more on doing her kegel exercises.  Not only for her own stimulation, feeling and sexual satisfaction but also for her husband or lover.  I desired to own the Lelo Luna Beads to help me work out and strengthen my pelvic floor muscles (illustration opens in a new window).  If you are unsure of how to do a kegel exercise correctly, provided is a link to an article posted by the Mayo Clinic, Kegel exercises: A how-to guide for women (opens in a new window).

Lelo Luna Beads come in two different sizes, classic, 35 mm, and mini, 29 mm.  The classic size is generally preferred by women who have experienced childbirth and/or over 30 years of age.   Mini size are designed for women under 30 who have never experienced childbirth.  At first, I was confused on which Luna Beads to purchase.  I am over the age of 30, but I never experienced labor or natural childbirth.  Logan surprised me by a gift purchase of the classic Luna Beads and therefore ended that particular contemplation inside my head.

Contained in the packaging for the classic Luna Beads are four weighted beads, two weighing 28 grams (pink) and two weighing 37 grams (blue).  The beads are made of smooth, non-porous materials, sealed by ultrasonic welding.  Also included is a silicone harness, a black satin storage bag and a sample of a water based personal moisturizer.

IMG_20140414_151711241The beads and harness are body safe, phthalate free, hygienic and hypoallergenic. Ladies with sensitive skin should be able to use the product.  Because the harness is made of silicone, it is recommended that only a water based lubricant to be used to help with insertion of the Luna Beads. The beads and the harness can be boiled for sanitary cleaning. Also for cleaning, an antibacterial soap can be used.

Lelo Luna Beads are weighted “balls” women can insert into their vagina to increase the resistance while they are exercising their pelvic floor muscles.  Having strong pelvic floor muscles helps both a woman and a man to have stronger, longer, more pleasurable orgasms. These muscles also helps a person have more control over their orgasms.  Who would not want this?  Believe me, it is a win/win situation for yourself and your sex partner!  For information on how a man can exercise his pelvic floor muscles, see Logan’s review of Extreme Stamina-Ejaculation Control videos by Jason Julius (opens in a new window).

Foundation bead

Foundation Bead

Wearing the beads can be customized differently for a woman’s specific needs and the strength of her pelvic floor muscles.  One bead can be inserted without the use of the harness.  It is recommended to use the foundation bead, the one with cord attached to it when the harness is not being utilized.  There is a foundation bead for both blue and pink colors.

A lady can also wear both pink, both blue or mix and match the bead colors in the silicone harness for a more personalized fit.  When using the harness and two beads, make sure the foundation bead’s cord is threaded through the hole in the harness. The foundation bead is to be inserted lastly.  This way the cord is sticking out of your vagina for easy retrieval.

I have worn the bead in several different combinations.  When I wore the 28 grams pink bead and the 37 grams blue bead alone, I did not feel them while they were inside me.  I could move about and do my daily routine without them being uncomfortable to me.

Using the two pink beads together in the harness (a total weight of 56 grams) is a different feeling then having only one bead inserted.  When I moved while wearing the beads, the weights inside the Luna Balls moved, jiggled and wiggled around.  It was a very pleasant feeling.  The first time I tried this, Logan was on his way home from a lengthy business trip. Feeling the balls moving subtly around was quite erotic.  I was ready to have to have sex with him the second he walked through the door.  When we did have intercourse I could tell my vaginal muscles were tighter which caused more friction.

My pelvic floor muscles are not quite equipped or ready to handle a pink and a blue bead contained in the harness together (a total weight of 65 grams).  It is also not ready to use the two blues together in the harness (a total weight of 74 grams). When I inserted the two blue and the blue and a pink the weight pushed against my labia minora.  I was very uncomfortable, even in a seated position.  For me and my body the best combination is the two pink beads together.  I enjoyed the feeling when I wore them, I could not hear the balls moving around, and they made me very sexually stimulated.

I do recommend the Lelo Luna Beads.  They worked for me, I enjoy them.  They are also a product a woman can use and change as her pelvic floor muscles get stronger.

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