Review of The Fantasy Box Subscription #1

50 Shades PromoWe recently purchased a monthly subscription to The Fantasy Box. This will be an ongoing review of their monthly subscription service that is targeted for couples. (F.Y.I. Use Code TRYUSOUT TO take 10% off your first Fantasy Box purchase.)

Each month a box arrives in discreet packaging. The contents include everything needed to enjoy a new exciting scenario in your sex life. Every month is a different experience and surprise, with the intent that you’ll also learn something new about your partner. You can choose from 3 service levels: Essentials, Classic or Platinum which vary in price ($36, $59 or $159 at the time of this writing). We went with the middle option: Classic. The company described their 3 levels in car terms of Camry, Lexus or Bentley. I’d be more inclined to describe them as Ford Escort, Toyota Camry and Lexus.

fantasy-box-1e-blurredTheme: This first box had a theme of communication and anticipation, and I applaud their approach here. Each person is given a card with 20 questions, most of which are multiple-choice. Renee and I expected that all of the questions would be old hat for us since we have enjoyed quizzing and polling each other around a wide range of sexual interests over the years. But surprisingly, there were many questions in the cards that we had not asked of each other before. The instructions suggested that each person complete the quiz, and then share their answers over dessert. Renee and I were reminded again how damn compatible we are, which was nice to have reaffirmed. I have intentionally blurred most of the questions in the picture above, but you should be able to read several at the top as samples if you’re interested.

fantasy-box-1bInstructions: The instruction cards are written as “his” and “hers” but the company indicates that they have many lesbian couples who choose to take turns in a leader vs. follower role. For heterosexual couples, they also suggest that you swap roles so that, for example, if the man used the “leader” card on the first go round, the woman should take the lead while the man becomes the “follower”. We found the cards to be well-written, humorous and nicely done.

The “Welcome” card is also well done and inviting, and the overall packaging is sturdy but attractive.

Initial impressions? Impressed.

Follower vs. Leader instruction cards: The “follower” card was simple and straight-forward and it was along the lines of “do what the leader instructs you to do, put on the blindfold and wait” (it said more but that’s the gist). The “leader” card however, was quite detailed and it gave several creative suggestions. fantasy-box-1I don’t want to share details of that card as it should be for the “leader’s eyes only” (and Kudos to the company here.for all that they wrote).

Box Contents: Our first “classic” box contained a high quality lube, massage wax candle, lingerie, blindfold and toy. The lingerie was of decent quality. It wasn’t made of fine silk or anything (and one shouldn’t expect that given the total box price), but it was attractive and the fit was good. The included toy was also of decent quality. fantasy-box-1d

For those who can afford to splurge on the luxury level of service, the lingerie and toys will come from a better caliber of supplier, but again, the classic line was good and we imagine that most couples would probably go that route. In our case, the lingerie received was black rather than red, and as I’ve always loved how Renee looks in black anyway, I was happy. We did not have a choice of color and the company randomly fills each box based on their product in stock. The blindfold was black, soft and comfortable. In regard to the lube, I was pleased to see the Sliquid brand. While the company reserves the right to use any brand of toy or lube, we received the Sliquid organics line which was a nice surprise. I was also happy to see a pour spout on the massage wax candle, and the quality of this item was actually better than others we have bought in the past. The candle had a pleasant but light aroma and again we were pleased with that item too. In regard to the included toy (vibrator), Renee will share her thoughts on that below. But I’ll add that it seemed quite adequate and it was nice to have batteries included!

fantasy-box-sign-upThe Ordering Process: When we ordered, we were happy to see the sizing options and delivery frequency choices offered. We have a screen pic here so that you can see those (click to enlarge). We had the option of receiving new boxes monthly or every other month. The website also makes it easy to cancel the service at anytime (don’t you hate it when a company “hides” that sort of thing?). Thankfully, the company makes it easy. We also appreciate that you can change the tier of service (Essentials, Classic or Platinum) at any time. During the order, you are also given a short questionnaire to fill out which asks about your experience with toys, bondage and role playing. We don’t know if this alters what is received in a box, but perhaps it alters what instructions are provided and/or it changes when you receive certain items in their schedule. Some of the fantasy-box-sign-up2additional questions asked can be seen to the side here (click to enlarge).

Conclusions from Logan: I think this monthly service will be a fun addition to our love life. For our fun night together, I took the leader card and directed Renee to put on the negligee and blindfold, and I then took her by hand to our bedroom where I had many candles lit. In hindsight, some soft music might have been nice for background sound. I tried to follow the suggestions of the leader card with the intent of giving Renee a mix of some surprise and anticipation. Unfortunately, I don’t want to say more as it would potentially spoil the contents of the leader card’s directions. But I’ll conclude by saying that the products in the classic service are good and it’s great to have a complete box of goodies with instructions. I heartily recommend The Fantasy Box.

Conclusions from Renee: I liked how our 20 question survey had different responses on them (male vs. female). I chose to write in some of my own answers when the pre-printed comments didn’t quite line up with my particular likes. I did answer the questionnaire for my own personal wants, desires and fantasies, not what I thought Logan would prefer me to answer. We had a great time taking turns reading questions and answers. I misunderstood one answer Logan gave me as I thought he said, “he wanted my cock in his mouth”. I was a little stunned and bewildered afterward to say the least. Not only did we learn more about each other we had a wonderful conversation with lots of laughter.
After our Q & A session, I prepared for our evening of fun. It was completely different to be blindfolded and dictated to where I was supposed to sit and what I need to do. Being blindfolded your other senses are heightened trying to make-up for the loss of sight. There was also a time where my imagination took over. Since I have watched my share of horror movies, being blindfolded, all alone and not knowing where my lover went, my mind started to wander. I envisioned there was a baphomet by my closet door holding a spear ready stab through my body (hey, it can happen).
I do not want to give away too much information about our Fantasy Box shipment, I wish to leave some anticipation for our readers and future customers. Even if a couple is sexual satisfied with their life and the lines of communication between them are open, they can truly have a positive experience ordering The Fantasy Box. I highly recommend couples giving a subscription a try. It is a great experience to share with one you love and trust.


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