Review: Tantus C-Sling

Tantus-c-sling-beginner-ring-a2I’ve had the Tantus C-Sling for a year now and it’s been on the review to-do list ever since. As a fan of cock rings I thought this product would be an interesting twist (no pun intended) to the usual design. The Tantus Beginner C-Sling is one of many cock rings in a family of products from Tantus. And like all Tantus silicone-based products, it is a premium quality silicone that has a nice smooth silky feel.

The C-Sling is different from the usual cock ring because it has a broad tongue. Tantus claims this makes it easier to put on but I’m not sure I agree. For myself, the wrestling of the nuts through the ring still required the usual effort and in some instances, I think I struggled a tad more.

Tantus-c-sling-beginner-ring-a1In the pic shown here, you’ll see the intended placement of the C-Sling when worn. But you’ll have to also imagine that your nut sack is pushed out of the front of the ring, while the tongue of this C-Sling points back toward your anus. One odd little wear note is that I found walking with the C-Sling on to be slightly awkward. My review has also been on hold because I was curious to see if any changes in my weight would effect the wearing comfort. Why do I say that? If you’re on the heavier side, that broad tongue is likely to get squeezed between your thighs. I’m 5’11” and weigh 215 lbs, so I’m a little on the heavy side. My thighs are fairly thick and muscular so I do experience a small amount of discomfort while wearing the C-Sling for a while.

Tantus-C-Rings-and-C-SlingsAs with all silicone based rings, it’s best to apply water-based lube to the inside of the ring before putting it on. Then ease one testicle through at a time before finally pulling (stuffing) your cock through. Do so before an erection. A great time to put it on is immediately after a warm/hot shower.

The Beginner C-Sling has the same 2″ diameter as the Beginner C-Ring and the Vibrating C-Ring, all of which are pictured together here. There’s also a smaller diameter version of the C-Sling which has a diameter of 1 3/4″.

You can read a summary of these and other rings in my popular post called Introduction to Cock Rings.

Positives: As a silicone product, it’s incredibly easy to clean and it does a terrific job of constricting, which is one of the main goals for a cock ring (click here for an introduction to cock rings). These rings do not retain any odor, and they do not smell on their own (unlike many unsafe toy materials that often do smell). I prefer the sensation and fullness of larger cock rings that go around my testicles, and the Tantus C-Sling and C-Rings do that well. It’s also Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, Bleachable and Dishwasher Safe.

Tantus-c-sling-beginner-ring-a3Negatives: I’ve read a few negative reviews of the C-Sling, which were all focused on the fit and initial putting-it-on aspect of the C-Sling. While I’m not giant sized, I’m am a little more endowed than the American average but I’m typical or average for the size of my scrotum. I suspect that the negative reviews I’ve read were due to inexperience and/or a lack of know-how for putting a ring on. With that said, I have enjoyed the C-Sling but I tend to prefer the regular C-Rings a little better. I suspect that if I lost 30 lbs (or 2 stones), I’d likely find the fit of the broad tongue to be more comfy between my thighs so do keep that sort of thing in mind.

Other than that, the silicone is truly a premium grade with a nice soft silky touch. It won’t really stretch open much due to the thickness, but on the other hand you want it to provide a comfortable constriction and it does that well. If you’re looking for a first timer ring, try the Beginner C-Ring instead. But if you want something a little different and the thought of some pressure on the exterior of your prostate sounds nice, give it a spin.

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