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Tantus Toys 2.0


“I love all forms of uncontrollable sexual expressions!”. So says the delightfully fun Ducky DooLittle.

On Thursday, January 9, 2014, Renee and I had the privilege of attending her Tantus Toys 2.0 session where she shared about cock rings, female response, gags and butt plugs, and more.


Cock Rings that I Own

Cock rings  are a favorite topic of mine, and I enjoyed hearing Ducky talk about the Tantus lineup of cock rings and c-slings. Since it’s a particular interest, I’ll add a few of my thoughts along with the many wonderful comments from Ducky:

  • Cock rings are like the guy’s version of a push-up bra. When worn behind the testicles, they push the man’s sack up & forward.

  • Applying upward pressure behind the balls (up into the body) touches the interior shaft of the penis which runs a length of around 2″ on the inside of the man’s body. How about that guys, our penis is 2″ longer than we knew. 😉

  • The designer at Tantus who has developed the various C-Rings is a cock ring lover, and it shows in the wonderful products they have produced.

  • tantus-super-soft-c-ringThe Tantus Super Soft C-Ring‘s design was something of a lucky accident. But it is a wonderful beginner’s cock ring because it is very stretchy and soft. It’s also versatile because it can be worn over just the shaft of the penis or as a ring that goes around (behind) the balls and shaft. It’s also versatile because you can stretch it and put it on while flaccid or erect. For guys who wonder if it’s too small, Ducky says, “Is your cock bigger than my foot? I doubt it!“, and she shows that it can stretch to a 4.75” diameter which is big enough to put her foot through. For me personally (and I’m wearing the Soft C-Ring as I type this), I can fit the soft c-ring around my nuts and shaft, but I prefer it for a shaft-only cock ring. If worn around the nuts, it’s a little too snug and it’s difficult to get back off without enduring some pain/discomfort to the family jewels. In regard to size, here’s a sizing guide from Love Honey that can help.

  • tantus-beginner-c-ringThe Tantus Beginner’s C-Ring is a nice fat cock ring. I remarked during the session that I wish Tantus didn’t call it a beginner cock ring because for some of us men, it’s too much of a struggle to get our junk through something smaller than the 2″ diameter ring of the Beginner C-Ring. I love this Tantus cock ring because of the pleasurable sensation it provides, and because of how it brings an even fuller feeling to my erect penis. It’s also not nearly as uncomfortable to remove when you’re done. For me, it works best to put it on while I’m soft (flaccid). In contrast, the Super Soft C-Ring is ideally put on while erect.

  • The condition called “locked up” is where a man has put on a cock ring (often made of steel, wood or glass), and his engorged penis won’t lose its erection because the blood vessels are too constricted by the cock ring. Unfortunately, some men end up at the emergency room (ER). Other men resort to cold water as a way to try and rescue their poor stuck hardon. Silicone cock rings are a safe wonderful alternative to steel cock rings, so that you can avoid being trapped in their metal prison. A silicone ring can be snipped too in an emergency (but it’s unlikely you’d ever have to).

  • tantus-c-slingThe Tantus C-Sling and Vibrating C-Ring are two additional products from Tantus. In the case of the latter, the vibrating C-Ring is the same size as the Beginner’s C-Ring but it adds a mini-vibe which can be situated so as to line up with a woman’s clitoris (during intercourse), or, as Ducky mentions, it can be spun around so that the vibe is down at the man’s balls for his own pleasurable sensation. In contrast, the C-Sling has a contoured tongue which points toward the butt, and it provides an added stimulation to the perineum during use. 

Ducky moved on to her next subject of the female sexual response, and she exclaimed that the woman’s clitoris is the center of the fucking universe, and we certainly agree. She reminded us that the clitoris is not just a little button or knob. There’s a whole shaft and wish-bone shape to the clitoris, which one might refer to as the “clitoral complex”.tantus-panty-play

She talked about how just holding the entire hand over the woman’s vulva, with a firm but steady pressure, would help build sensation and anticipation before orgasm, but it’s also a wonderful thing for after orgasm. Several toys were mentioned which included the Tantus Panty Play vibrator, which is a novel toy that cups the vulva quite nicely and it also stimulates the clitoris. It’s a toy that can be worn under clothing for some extra kinky fun, perhaps while you’re out on the town.

Ducky shared that in her personal experience, there’s something like 1 in 12 or 1 in 15 women who have experienced trauma or injury to their pelvis or genital area in their life (usually at a young age). And unfortunately, scar tissue sometimes will form at the injury area which might remain. Women have shared how their discovery of sex toys have helped to reduce or eliminate scar tissue, thanks to movement or vibration that can help reduce it.

She also shared her experiences with gags, and how she didn’t realize for a long time just how much she would come to love them. She was pleasantly surprised by the experience. Tantus carries a Beginner Ball Gag as well as one that has the head of a penis for the gag, which is called their Fantasy Gag. This is their best selling gag. Ducky said, “never say never” but my sweetheart Renee is still saying, “um, no”.

tantus-ripple-smallThe next topic was butt fun! Ducky talked about those cheap anal beads on a string that are better left out of your toy box as the balls have a sharp edge by their holes (where the string feeds through), and the strings can’t be cleansed easily (if at all). In contrast, there are wonderful butt plug toys like the Tantus Ripple which are safer and more enjoyable. She discussed a wide variety of Tantus plugs and how certain shapes, like the Ryder, are wonderful because they have a gradual curve that is easier for your sphincter muscles to adjust to, and the tapered area allows your sphincter to easily hold it in for extended wear and fun play.

Ducky also covered the topic of Sex & Unwanted Pain. Unwanted pain is not normal and there can be many factors involved. For those experiencing it, she recommended keeping notes about the occurrences of unwanted pain. It’s also best to find a sex-positive doctor and/or get second opinions. Unfortunately, doctors don’t get much sex related education in their schooling, and to make matters worse, some drug companies (e.g., Pfizer) will often taint the information a doctor should have in the area of sex education. Some drug companies just want the doctors to push their pills rather than properly educate those who provide sound medical care. In regard to common causes of pain, Ducky listed: Dryness, Bacterial infections & inflammation, ovulation (i.e. a sharp shooting pain during intercourse at the time of ovulation), endometriosis (related to a woman’s monthly cycle), neurological (e.g., a pinched nerve), and muscular / vaginismus, which was described as a physical muscular neurological response of muscle clenching that causes pain or contributes to pain.

Related to reducing or eliminating pain, we liked Ducky’s simple rule of thumb for lubes: for skin on skin fun, use a good silicone lube. For sex toy fun, use a good water-based lube. Our favorite lubes are from Sliquid, and they make an awesome silicone lube called Sliquid Silver, and Sliquid H20. The Sliquid lubes are skin safe, Glycerine and Paraben Free.

A final topic that was covered was Cleaning. Ducky is very conscientious about the cleanliness and safety of her toys (as well we all should). Depending on the toy and activities, she will often  boil her silicone toys (5 – 10 minutes), and/or use a bleach solution (10% bleach, 90% water), and/or use the dishwasher. Of course, any vibes (electronics) should be removed first and if bleach is used, the toy should be well rinsed with plain water (or soap and water) after being disinfected with a bleach solution. And it’s probably a good idea, if you use the dishwasher, to ONLY wash your toys and not both your toys AND dishes, lol. Also, many of us can have a bad reaction to certain soaps (especially in our intimate areas), so be cautious of soaps that are used and/or rinse well with clean water.

We want to thank Ducky DooLittle again for the wonderful session, and we look forward to more!

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