Review of The Female Orgasm Blueprint

female-orgasm-blueprintSeveral years ago, I subscribed to a large number of newsletters and articles that provided sexual education. I love to learn, and I think having a mindset of “always-learning” is important. A few months before I met my new wife who co-authors this blog with me, I came across this one guy with a funny name: Jason Julius, who claimed to be an expert on the female orgasm. I was definitely skeptical but I can honestly say now, the guy knows his stuff. I confess, the topic has been an extreme interest of mine, due in part to the fact that my ex-wife and I had a very unhappy relationship which included the bedroom. I tried, but I never gave her an orgasm. Ever.

jason-juliusI won’t bore you with the details of that relationship. I will give you my honest feedback on the educational videos of Jason Julius. I purchased his Female Orgasm Blueprint video set a few years ago, which include nearly 3 hours of content. It’s not cheap but it is good. [Note: I’ve also reviewed his “Extreme Stamina – Ejaculation Control” videos here (link will open in new window)].

Jason includes the important female anatomy basics coupled with how to help guide her mind. The video set isn’t just all about the physical side. If you believe that watching porn is the best way to learn technique, forget it! There’s so much more involved than just physical technique. There are important aspects to relaxation, mind set, and feeling safe. Certainly, his demonstrations on proper technique are critical but mindset is as well, and his personal journey and stories are interesting to hear.

G Spot Video


The complete set of videos go into quite a lot of depth. There are 10 modules plus some bonus material. Included are:

Module 01: Mindset For Approaching Orgasms
Module 02: Guiding Her Mind
Module 03: Female Anatomy
Module 04: Clitoral Orgasms
Module 05: G-Spot Orgasms
Module 06: A-Spot Orgasms
Module 07: Oral Sex
Module 08: Squirting Orgasms
Module 09: Troubleshooting
Module 10: Forever Orgasms

I have found similar written materials on these topics but if you’re like me, I love to learn visually. So having the combination of a teacher speaking along with visual aids is awesome. So I can’t recommend the Female Orgasm Blueprint enough. While I can’t say whether it’s possible for all women to squirt, his videos really cover a ton of good content. My wife is very glad I found them as well. 

[Update – 01/21/14] Even though I’ve owned these videos for quite a while, I just recently reviewed some notes I took and also re-watched much, and I’m so glad I did. There’s a lot of content there, and it’s worth watching more than once to absorb it all. Also, the topic of female squirting has always been fascinating to me too, and while I don’t believe all women can be “gushers” (lol), I do believe that all women can squirt some ejaculatory fluid (which is not urine!), however the amount can be quite small for some women.

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