Waterproof Clitoral Hummer Vibrator

What She Says . . . As of right now, my favorite inexpensive vibrator is the Waterproof Clitoral Hummer.  It does everything I expect and want out of a basic vibrator.  It’s inexpensive too. There are a variety of multi level settings to match what mood I am in.  If I want the experience to start off slow and last awhile, I can choose a low setting.  If I need a quick, fast fix while I am alone, I turn it up all the way.  

This is an easy vibrator to incorporate into an evening of love making with my partner.  He can be inside of me, either facing or behind me (doggie) and I can use the nub to hit my love spot.  I can enjoy both my man and my vibe at the same time!  Wonderful addition to our sex life.

Two thumbs up!! (Use promo code GLTOYS and the link above to get an extra 10% off)

Pros (for original model)

  • It’s inexpensive and the intensity of vibrations is pretty good.
  • The tip and contoured shape of the head is great.
  • Battery life is good.

Cons (for original model)

  • The control is a twist knob at the base, which can be hard to turn when you’re fingers are slippery from lube.

Overall Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Quietness: ♥♥♥
Ease of Use: ♥♥♥
Build Quality: ♥♥♥♥
Strength of Vibrations: ♥♥♥♥♥

pink_10_hummerWhat He Says . . .  I was skeptical that this vibrator was going to work out very well. It has a really oddly shaped head, and it looks rather plain and simple. It’s also made of hard plastic rather than a soft and supple silicon. But I’m happy to report that I was wrong! The vibrations are nice and strong, which wouldn’t be so true if the thing were made of a soft silicon (as that material absorbs vibrations). The unique shape of the head makes it versatile too (clitoral and g-spot uses). The battery life has also been good (it uses 2 AA batteries). It’s been a dependable toy for Renee.

We have since noticed there’s a new model with more functions that we’ll probably explore soon.

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