Review of the We-Vibe 4 Couples Vibrator


Review of the We-Vibe 4 Couples Vibrator

we-vibe-4-pic1There is much to say about the We-Vibe 4 but let’s get straight to the main point. This is a great couple’s sex toy. Truly. We sincerely and heartily recommend it. But with caveats.

We imagine that a small percentage of couples won’t find it a fit for them, but we believe a majority will. Logan and I are writing this review together, but I will share from my female perspective first.

we-vibe-4-howto3I do love what is printed on the front of the box, Couples – Pleasure for Two.  “Yes please, I would absolutely love some pleasure for two!” After reading, I was immediately ready to have a positive experience. This was the first couples-vibrator that we have used, and we’ll contrast it against a vibrating cock ring a little later on. Logan had wanted to try out a We-Vibe 3 (the earlier model) but when the new We-Vibe 4 came out in late 2013, we decided to wait. We had read some complaints about the larger size of the We-Vibe 3, and the new “4” model is said to be 30% smaller. Also the shape of the We-Vibe 4 has some advantages over the “3”, as another complaint that is often made about the older model is that it is too round and moves around too much. The “4” is flatter on the side where a penis or dildo would come in contact with it, which is a good thing.

It’s our intent to not have this review sound like an owner’s manual. Instead, we wanted the focus to be on our experiences with the toy, good or bad. But it’s important to cover some key features of the toy that will tie into our experience: 

Key Features of the We-Vibe 4

  • The We-Vibe 4 is covered in smooth, soft medical-grade silicone. This is a good thing. The feel of the silicone is improved over the older We-Vibe 3 too.
  • There are TWO vibrating motors (one for the clitoral stimulator and one for the g-spot stimulator). The vibrations are strong.
  • There are 4 types of vibration (pulse, wave, echo and plain ole vibrate). These can be selected directly on the We-Vibe. With the remote, you can select the different modes and also lower or raise the intensity of the vibrations for all 4 types (modes). See our YouTube video for a demonstration (also seen below).
  • The We-Vibe 4 itself is waterproof and it can be used in the bathtub or shower. However, water will interfere or disturb the radio frequency between the We-Vibe 4 and its remote, thus the remote will not work reliably while the toy is being used in the bathtub.
  • The unit contains rechargeable batteries and it is charged by a USB cable (included), but there is no power adapter in the box. You can use the supplied USB cable with any charger that has a USB connector, or you can plug the cable into your PC to charge the We-Vibe.

You can read a full feature list on the We-Vibe website.  We also recorded a video of the vibration modes for your enjoyment. You can see and hear how strong the vibrations are.


Our Test Experiences

We-Vibe-4-pic1Trial #1
The written instructions included with the We-Vibe 4 state to lube the area of the vibe which enters the vagina. In this pic, you can get a sense for the size of the toy. Because the We-Vibe is made with silicone, it’s important to only use approved water based lubes (Sliquid H20 is a great choice).  Logan applied some Sliquid lube to the toy and inserted it, and then we began in sort of a launch pad position when he entered me (I was on my back and my knees rested upon his chest) .

We anticipated that any vigorous thrusting would be a no-no with the We-Vibe but our first trial was still a definite learning experience. We did encounter some minor complications in keeping the We-Vibe 4 in place. It tended to want to slip out during Logan’s out-stroke. We quickly learned how far Logan should pull out during his strokes, and we learned that we needed to align our genital areas with each other.  Once we got all of that down I was able to THOROUGHLY ENJOY the g-spot stimulation.  I am somewhat new to g-spot stimulation (around 2 years) but I am becoming more aware of my g-spot being stimulated and the different sensation I receive from it.  Having the We-Vibe 4 stimulate and vibrate on my g-spot felt wonderful!!  To be honest, I was being quite selfish and I wasn’t really wondering if Logan was enjoying himself.  It was all about me (sorry babe).

During our first trial, we also had slight difficulty in operating the remote control.  I held it in my right hand (beside my hip) and the remote did not operate the We-Vibe 4.  We held it closer to my pubic area (while the We-Vibe 4 was inserted in me) and then the remote worked fine.

I love clitoral stimulation, and after 20 some odd years of rubbing, stroking, and vibrating it I prefer and/or need a toy with strong vibration.  I tell you this because I did have a clitoral orgasm the first time we used the We-Vibe 4.  Normally, after I have a clitoral orgasm I become very sensitive and I need to have the stimulation or vibration turned off immediately.  I was able to still enjoy the vibration on my clit, g-spot and the stroking from Logan.  He had his orgasm not too much longer after mine.

Trial #2
Trial number 2 was a solo project.  I took the We-Vibe 4 to the bathtub.  Due to the hot water lapping at my body, I was in a relaxed, erotic state of mind.   I turned on the We-Vibe 4, applied a little lube, inserted it and then laid back to enjoy the echo vibration mode.  I was curious how the alternating vibration mode would feel.  I enjoyed it very much.  I did apply some pressure and I maneuvered the We-Vibe 4 to hit the ideal spot, and again, it my g-spot perfectly.  Within no time, I had another clitoral orgasm.

Trial #3
We-Vibe-4-pic2(Logan’s turn to write): We had some initial trouble turning it on during our 3rd trial. The small little spot on the We-Vibe that controls the unit can be a little tricky sometimes to press correctly. For those who are older or have any arthritis, that could be a factor but we’ve found that using your finger nail is most effective. Overall, our next experience was definitely better than the first. We knew after our first trial that my thrusting needed to remain shallow (don’t pull out too far), and I decided to occasionally hold some pressure with my hand onto the vibe too so that Renee would feel an even stronger vibration on her clit. She seemed to enjoy that. We took our time and enjoyed the experience with the intent to have the g-spot stimulation be the focus, and the slow build up of Renee’s g-spot orgasm was quite rewarding. Renee looked like she was truly in another world (a very good one, to be sure).

Before our first product test, I remember wondering if things would be too tight for me to be inside of Renee at the same time as the We-Vibe, and while it was a little difficult to initially penetrate, it was comfortable. The g-spot vibrations could be felt on my shaft, and that was an interesting sensation. For me, it was not an orgasm-inducing sensation but it certainly wasn’t unpleasant.



We were both surprised at the size of the We-Vibe 4. We expected it to be a little larger (or maybe we were worried how big it was going to be), but we both feel it’s an ideal size. I think it might be helpful to share a little about our body sizes so that you as a reader can better decide on suitability. Renee is an average size woman (5′ 5″) who can perhaps best be described as having a little extra padding (which I love). Logan is 5′ 10″, 200 lbs, and a little on the thick side. We felt the We-Vibe was ideally sized, and it seemed to line up pretty well for Renee’s g-spot and clitoris. We suspect that won’t be the case for all people, and perhaps the older/larger We-Vibe II is an option for those who are, shall we say, more spacious inside. Note: the We-Vibe III appears to be no longer available.

Lastly, we’d like to contrast the We-Vibe to vibrating cocks rings. Logan is a big fan of cock rings but a vibrating cock ring does a poor job of hitting the woman’s clit. The strength of vibration from a vibrating cock ring is also pretty weak. In contrast, the strength of vibration from the We-Vibe 4 is awesome, so there’s really little comparison between them.

If you have questions that we didn’t answer in our review, please leave us a comment.

2 thoughts on “Review of the We-Vibe 4 Couples Vibrator

  1. I think this is an awesome review, you tackle some great points about the We-Vibe 4. I was also shocked at the size of it, I know it states it is 30% smaller than the other previous We-Vibes, but never realized how much 40% smaller actually is until you see it. It worked very great for us as well, only real issue I have is, when having “hardcore” sex it likes to fall out at times, I am not sure if anyone else has this issue, but I sure did. My wife has also put one end in he butt and other in her Vagina and she LOVED that. All in all I would have to give the We-Vibe 4 a 4.5/5 stars. The We-Vibe 4 Plus, the app is just awesome. Again great review, I really enjoyed reading it!

    I have never purchased from, I will have to check it out. I have always purchased from, until a few weeks ago when I ordered my Plus, I searched google and found and was very satisfied with their shipping and they have good prices.

    • Thank you Andy for the comments! We too had that same issue regarding hardcore or enthusiastic thrusting. And your note about the alternate use (two holes) is quite intriguing! We’ll have to try that out sometime. Thanks for the note about the other site. We’ve bought from SheVibe several times, and within the sex toy blogging community, they are highly regarded. Cheers!

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